Super Absorbent Polymer Material

SAP ( super absorbent polymer ) is a functional polymer having great water holding and absorption ability. This polymer is also known to be non-toxic, nonpolluting, harmless, and biodegradable.

  • Sodium Polyacrylate based SAP  This sort is utilized in hygiene items like diapers, sanitary pads, sandless barricades, ice bags, etc.

  • Potassium Polyacrylate based SAP – This sort is utilized primarily for plants as a water-holding agent.

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For Plants

It is just like a “mini- reservoir” which can store water when raining and release water when it is drought.

For Hygiene Products

With its awesome properties of liquid absorption and locking, it has found very useful applications in products prone to moisture like Diapers, Sanitary napkins, Nursing pads, and so on.

For Other Purpose

With each passing day, SAP is being employed in more and more industries and applications due to its increasing popularity and efficiency in water deterrence.

Related Products

Such as Waterproofing cables, Ice bags, Inflatable anti-flood sandbags, Concrete protection, Sewage Treatment, Drilling, etc.

Product Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Super Absorbent Polymer

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